The world's first Shakespeare Shoe has been made exclusively in his birthplace of Stratford-upon-Avon

Thursday 18th of October 2018 09:11 AM

ShoeMed Owner Lisa Preston and Shakespeare's England CEO Helen Peters

The world’s first shoe dedicated to William Shakespeare has been created in his birthplace of Stratford-upon-Avon to honour his legacy in the region.

The Shakespeare Shoe is a real leather shoe which is decorated with select quotes from the Bard and will be sold exclusively in the town of his birth.

The idea came from Lisa Preston, owner of Stratford-based shoe shop ShoeMed who specialise in selling specialist and comfort shoes.

Lisa said: “The idea first came to me when I met a shoemaker who could produce a soft, real leather bootee and the idea of connecting the leather industry which was prominent during Shakespeare’s era in Stratford with his most famous quotes seemed like the perfect way to celebrate his legacy in the area.

“As far as I am aware, these shoes are a world exclusive and something that is completely new and has never been done before.

“In Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare wrote ‘you have dancing shoes with nimble soles’ and we are very excited that we’ve been able to create these shoes to connect our business with his famous plays and his father also worked as a leather glove-maker, which creates an even greater connection with these shoes and Shakespeare’s history.

“But it is the perfect way for the international tourists who visit ShoeMed to buy comfortable shoes which work well for travelling and exploring to also connect with the local culture and the role that Shakespeare still plays in shaping it.  

“As a business-owner in Stratford, the connection with Shakespeare is still so important to the area as the history brings the perfect type of consumer to us to enjoy their visit and immerse themselves in the history of Shakespeare and the culture of the local area.

“The very first Shakespeare Shoe will go on sale in November and we also have matching handbags to go with them, we’re very excited for them to launch!”

Helen Peters, Chief Executive for Shakespeare’s England, a non-for-profit membership organisation which promotes tourism to South Warwickshire and which ShoeMed is a member, has praised Lisa for her quirky idea.

She said: “With the prominence of Shakespeare in Stratford still prevalent today, it’s great to see local businesses getting involved with his legacy and promoting the area through his art which continues to bring huge numbers of international tourists to visit.

“The Shakespeare Shoe is a truly unique idea and keeping his history in Stratford alive is really important to us in terms of attracting visitors to the area.”