Organiser: MTC
Date: Thursday, 2 May 2019 - 9:00am to Friday, 3 May 2019 - 4:30pm
The MTC Advanced Manufacturing Training Centre
Ansty Park
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The global space industry is booming and is set to be worth over £400 billion by 2030. The UK space sector has trebled in size since 2000 and with further significant growth predicted, presents a major opportunity for high-value manufacturing companies.

Made for Space is a two-day intensive conference examining the opportunities and challenges for manufacturing within the global space sector. With sessions focusing on key advanced manufacturing technologies, such as: additive manufacturing, surface engineering and advanced coatings, robotics and automation, and joining, Made for Space brings together international experts from both the space and advanced manufacturing sectors who will show how these new manufacturing technologies can help to address the challenge of producing the next generation of space hardware.

Why attend?

Get an insight into the opportunities for manufacturers in the space sector

Hear from leading international experts from both the space and manufacturing sectors

Visit our all-day exhibition accompanied by refreshments and networking

Take a tour of the MTC's state-of-the-art facilities

Keynote Speakers

How can the UK space sector lead the world?
Graham Peters, Chairman, UK Space

What does the future hold for space manufacturing in the UK?
Tony Mears, Technology Roadmapping and Harmonisation Lead, UK Space Agency

Thomas Rohr, Head of Materials & Processes, ESA

Advanced Manufacturing: An extraordinary technology ecosystem
John Vickers, Principal Technologist, Space Technology Mission Directorate, NASA

Key findings from Day 1 Summit
UK Space Agency

Technical presentations from experts in the following organisations: 

ESA, NASA, Airbus Defence & Space, Lockheed Martin UK, MTC, Cranfield University, 3TRPD, Autodesk, UKAEA, FAIR-SPACE / SSC, Innovate UK, BAE Systems, Satellite Applications Catapult, ULC Robotics, Oxford Space Systems, Nitropep, Loughborough University, Wallwork, TWI, The University of Manchester, Fraunhofer IWS, Keronite


We are expecting a sell-out event so if you are interested in attending Made for Space on 2-3 May 2019, please register now. 
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Additive Manufacturing

Topics covered include:

Case studies from the world's leading space companies

Development of high performance materials for directed energy deposition and power bed AM processes

New approaches to ensure AM parts meet space requirements

Maximising part performance through effective design for AM

Click here to see the full list of presentations in the Additive Manufacturing sessions

Advanced Joining Technology

Topics covered include:

Development of precision laser joining methods

Novel joining techniques for dissimilar materials

Manufacturing large space components using friction welding

High performance structures for extreme conditions

Click here to see the full list of presentations in the Advanced Joining Technology sessions

Robotics & Autonomous Systems

Topics covered include:

Development of new approaches for space manufacture, assembly and repair

How modular assembly methods can be used to generate and maintain space assets

New robotic systems which address the needs of the space sector

Deployment of robotics and autonomous systems in space

The future role of artificial intelligence, robotics and autonomous systems in space

Click here to see the full list of presentations in the Robotics & Autonomous Systems sessions

Surface Engineering & High Performance Coatings

Topics covered include:

Finishing methods for complex AM parts

Antimicrobial and smart coatings for space applications

Laser and plasma finishing methods to improve surface quality and part performance

New thermal coatings for spacecraft and satellites using metamaterials

Click here to see the full list of presentations in the Surface Engineering & High Performance Coatings sessions