Unsung Heroes – helping fulfil last wishes

Friday 15th of May 2020 08:16 AM

Three Coventry City Council registrars have been named unsung heroes for their kindness and compassion in supporting several couples with their last wishes to marry the person they love.

Claire Healy, Ceremony and Business Support Manager said: “Being a registrar is a rewarding role. You are supporting people through those key events in their lives: births, deaths and marriages. In the last two weeks, our registrars have attended UHCW twice to perform marriages for those who are dying.

“Sharon Howarth, Aileen O’Shea and Anne Mullen have gone the extra mile to ensure two couples were able to have their last wishes to marry the person they love. They have attended the bedside of critically ill people to perform wedding ceremonies, which has given some joy to these couples in such sad circumstances.”

For example, Sharon and Aileen had the pleasure of marrying a couple called Roger Smith and Jean Carruthers on an ITU ward at UHCW.

Claire said: “COVID-19 has been challenging for registrars who have been working hard to continue to support bereaved families at this difficult time.

“Our registrars married another couple where the man was in a head tank, so it was an extremely difficult situation. At the end Sharon put her thumb up to him and congratulated him and he gave two thumbs up and mouthed “thank you, you have made me very happy!”

“Our registrars see this as an honour and privilege to be able to do this for couples. Their commitment and kindness are an inspiration to us all."

Aileen is set to retire at the end of May and will be missed for her caring and thoughtful support to families. The team continues to pull together and places Coventry residents first so that those who are suffering such loss can be supported.